Corporate Philosophy

We continues to provide innovation to enrich the professional beauty industry and respect for all involved partners, clients, employees and society.

FIVE Store Development Basic Policy

1 Shop where you can consult
2 Shop with new products, information, and services
3 Shop where you can experience
4 Shop that can reflect customer feedback in their products and services
5 Shop that can explain and sell the products of group companies.
6 A hygienic store that thoroughly prevents the spread of infectious diseases and takes basic measures such as disinfection.

FIVE Staff Code of Conduct

●We will act with the customer as our first priority.
●We will learn from training and study sessions, catch up with new information, and reflect it in our store development and in our own actions and thoughts.
●We will make the hairdressing industry more exciting.
●We will act with cost consciousness.
●We will protect the safety of our customers and staff with compassion and energy.
●We will contribute to the community and society by seeking profits and sustaining our stores.


To create a hairdressing industry and culture that people can aspire to by continuing to provide innovation.

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