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FIVE is a professional store for barbers and hairdressers. Many top class salons in the hair beauty industry in Tokyo and Osaka often use FIVE. Many hairdressing students visit FIVE where they can see, touch, and consult. We offer a wide selection of products including esthetic, nail, and hairdressing furniture products at affordable prices. Please show your membership card when you enter the store. For large items and repeat purchase, FIVE Web Store is the easiest to order. Shipping fee is free for orders of 11,000 Japanese Yen or more, more convenient to use.


Five Umeda Chayamachi (Osaka)

FIVE Umeda Chayamachi Store Relocation and Renewal OPEN
Thank you for visiting FIVE Umeda Chayamachi. We are pleased to announce that FIVE Umeda Chayamachi has relocated to the 6th floor of the same building. We look forward to your continued patronage.

Five Kichijoji (Tokyo)

We also have products in stock that are available in various sizes. If we don’t have it in stock, we can order it for you.

Five Ikebukuro (Tokyo)

Located on the second floor of a bar with penguins, we offer you a wide selection of hairdressing products at affordable prices.

Five Omotesando (Tokyo)

We have a large selection of brands and manufacturers that we carry.
We are especially proud of our selection of LebeL, Fiole and AIVIL products. We have business relationships with major hairdressing wholesalers, so we can order products that are not available in stores, so please contact us.

Web store

This is an online shopping site for "FIVE" members. You can register yourself on this site.


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